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West Palm Beach Auto Title Loans & Car Equity Loans

EZCash makes getting a cash loan very easy. To get a West Palm Beach auto equity loan you need the following:

  • You need a clear title
  • Proof of address like your ID – to help us know who you are and where you live
  • Comprehensive and collision are required to be prepaid for the term of the loan.

We’re sure you have questions. In fact, one of the most common concerns we hear from our West Palm Beach customers is whether they will be able to maintain use of their vehicle after applying for a car title loan. You will be pleased to know, when you receive an auto title loan from EZCash, you get to keep driving your car. You’re simply exchanging your car title for your loan. EZCash keeps your title until you have taken care of your financial emergencies. Once you pay back the loan in full, your car title is returned. It’s that simple.

Car Title Loans West Palm Beach & Auto Equity Loans

We’ve all faced financial hardships. This doesn’t mean we have to keep worrying about having access to the money we need now. As one of the leaders for auto equity loans in West Palm Beach, EZCash is dedicated to helping our customers navigate through the stress by letting them get the cash they need fast. Let us help you move toward a brighter future. Give us a call at (833) 839-2274 or apply online now.



18% to 30% APR (1.5% to 2.5% a month). No prepayment Penalties! Get a Loan, Still Drive your Car!


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